A flaky, unnumbered figure dancing free,
tripping a fantastic toe on a precipice
with the ludicrous grin of an impish spirit,
I seem gaga but I’m sharp as a stiletto.

My polychromatic garb and fool’s cap trick them
into believing I’m an absurd eidolon;
I wave my baton, harebrained they brashly rush
towards the unknown. I’m the one sowing their dreams.

No flimflam, no blunders or dead ends, I swear
fun is to be grabbed if you shatter the rules.
Drop your baggage; misgiving is the only sin:
whatsoever will befall, at least it’s new.

A denizen of another wild, wayward world,
from tarocchi to euchre I’ve been spotted
then vanished, yet I’m destined to reappear
to hurl excitement into your humdrum life.

Invariably I come up trumps, so will you;
just heed me now, play your cards right. Let’s stramash
this dreary dump! It’s dull and needs a good kicking.
What have you got to lose? Trust me. I’m serious.